Electronics Recycling Fundraiser May 10th!

ERF 36 Hey Everyone! Coming up on May 10th Troop 87 and Pack 113 will co-host the annual Electronics Recycling Fundraiser. Now, this is a great time every year, where we have the community bring us old, unwanted electronics and a local company takes them, strips out all the components, and they get re-purposed and recycled!

Did you know in a standard “square” computer monitor contains several pounds of lead? Throwing away a TV or computer monitor incorrectly can result in hazardous materials leeching out into our water supply.

Recycling your old electronics safely is very important for the Earth. The Troop can come pick up large items on Friday after 4pm if you need help. Otherwise, consult our list of prices to determine the donation amount for each of the items you want to recycle and we’ll see you at Perry Park (Rte 113/King Street) on May 10th from 9am to 1pm!

Court of Honor!

Our next Court of Honor is on February 27th, next Thursday. Every Scout should attend, even if he is not receiving a merit badge or rank advancement. It is important to support the achievements of fellow Scouts, and it also is inspirational to see your friends and peers succeed. What merit badge to YOU want to work on next? Are you focusing on Eagle Required badges?

Parents of Scouts are also encouraged to attend. We bond as family and friends around our sons’ successes.

7pm at the usual spot. See you then!